Electronic Records, E-Governance

The scope of the Unit is given below:

Meaning of Electronic Record
Secure Electronic Record, Digital Signature and Authorized Digital
Online Communication Process Involving Different Parties
Attribution of electronic records
Acknowledgment of receipt
Time and place of dispatch and receipt of electronic record
Electronic Governance Significance of Electronic Governance
The Act gives legal recognition to facilitate Electronic Governance
Legal recognition of digital signatures
Section 6 of the Act deals with the use of electronic record and digital
signature in Government and its agencies
Section 7 of the Act deals with the retention of electronic records
Section 8 of the Act deals with the Publication of rule, regulation, etc., in
Electronic Gazette
Section 10 of the Act deals with the Power of the Central Government to
make rules in respect of digital signature Meaning
To become a subscriber the following steps will be required:
Duties of Subscriber