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Business Law

Meaning and Kinds of Contracts, Offer and Acceptance, Consideration, Contractual Capacity, Free Consent, Legality of Objects, Void Agreements, Discharge of Contracts, Breach & its Remedies, Contingent Contracts, Quasi Contract, Contract of Indemnity & Guarantee, Contract of Bailment, Contract of Agency.


Business Organization and Management

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Contemporary Business, Environment, Strategic Changes, Administrative Function: Choice of a Suitable Form of Business Ownership and Small Venturing Enterprises, E-Commerce and M-Commerce, Human Resource Managment , Motivation, Role of Creativity and Innovation in Opportunity and Idea Generation,Organizing


financial Accounting

Accounting Concepts and Conventions, Accounting Standards, Measurement of Income, Inventory Valuation, Depreciation, Accounting Cycle :Final Accounts, Joint Venture, Branch Accounting, Accounting for Hire Purchase System, 


Business Mathematics And Statistics

Matrices and Determinants, Calculus, Differentiation and Integration, Measure Of Central Tendency, Trend Analysis, Measures Of Dispersion, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, Analysis Of Time Series, Mathematics Of Finance [Simple And Compound Interest], Time Series Analysis, Seasonal variations, Introduction to Statistics

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